Great Awakening
Great Awakening "Reservoir of Heaven"
Transparency in the Kingdom ushers the FREEDOM that will set you free from condemnation and religious mindsets. Join Pete & Alice for another powerful broadcast of The Great Awakening LIVE on Radio Air Jesus.
"Moments of God"
This is one broadcast you don't want to miss. The moments of God. LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT Watch as Pete & Alice of "The Great Awakening LIVE" share and share how to unlock powerful tools for you in this season. gain prophetic insight and understanding. Filmed live on Media Revival TV. A Radio Air J...
Lana Vawser LIVE on
Lana Vawser LIVE on "The Great Awakening"
Join Revivalist Pete & Alice on "The Great Awakening LIVE broadcast with special guest Lana Vawser. This powerful and timely interview with great prophetic insight. . You will be encouraged and gain prophetic insight for a now time and so much more. www.RADIOAIRJESUS.COM Lana Vawser is an activ...
Language of your circumstance
Language of your circumstance
What language are you speaking? What patterns are you manifesting? "The Great Awakening Live" with Pete & Alice G. "The language of your circumstance." You don't want to miss this broadcast. See you there on Radio Air Jesus! PRAYER LINE 1-888-406-9115
Revival is HERE !
Revival is HERE !
We are on the verge of the next great awakening of REVIVAL in this nation, but the word REVIVAL has been so polluted and prostituted that if it hit would we even know? Join Revivalist Pete & Alice Garza on another powerful broadcast of "The Great Awakening" LIVE with our special guest Stephen Powel...
Open Vision
Open Vision "The Doors" Prophetic Word
Join revivalist Pete & Alice for another powerful episode of "The Great Awakening" Live on Radio Air Jesus and Media Revival TV. On this segment Pete & Alice shares about an open vision Alice had of "The Open Door" Watch and listen to this prophetic word for you this season. There is much revelatio...
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