"Stepping Into Your Destiny" The Great Awakening
"Stepping Into your Destiny!" Bridging the gap between Knowing who you are and walking it out to the fullness in on earth as it is in Heaven. Join Pete & Alice Garza from Radio Air Jesus with Special Guest Dr Yana Young, Eddie Torregrosa
" Are You A False Prophet or Heretic?"
Are you a false prophet? Is the words you speak over people false prophetic words? Have you been called a heretic because of the Gospel of Jesus? Don't let the voices of the religious stop you for being the VOICE God has called you to be. Watch this powerful episode of "The Great Awakening LIVE!" wi...
" Exposing The Orphan Spirit " MUST WATCH !!!
" Exposing The Orphan Spirit " Join Pete & Alice Garza for The Great Awakening every Friday @ 10AM CST on www.RadioAirJesus.com invite Pete & Alice to speak/minister info here. www.RunWithRevival.com
Confusion in The camp!
Confusion in The camp! "Great Awakening LIVE"
When the devil comes to your camp how will you respond? Confusion in The camp. Great Awakening LIVE" with Pete & Alice on Radio Air Jesus.com
Stay Away from them! MUST WATCH!
Stay Away from them! MUST WATCH!
Stay Away from them! Don't miss this great episode of The Great Awakening with Pete & Alice Garza LIVE on www.RadioAirJesus.com self appointed apostles, controlling spirits and leaders. What does the Apostolic really look like? Why does everyone claim to be an Apostle? LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE!!
"Right Place at The Right Time!" w/ Pete & Alice Garza
"Right Place at The Right Time!" w/ Pete & Alice Garza LIVE on The Great Awakening LIVE on www.RadioAirJesus.com Powerful timely message on the Timing and seasons of The Lord. YOU HAVE NOT MISSED IT ! You're exactly in the right time.
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