Great Awakening WE`RE BACK !!!!
Great Awakening WE`RE BACK !!!!
Good morning! We're back🔥🎉💥 Join Pete & Alice Garza TODAY LIVE ON Radio Air Jesus and on FB Live ! We have so much to talk about. It's our welcome back broadcast, The Great Awakening Live. (( 10:00 am CST / 11:00E am EST )) share share share
"Eat Fresh" ITS THE NEW THING !!
“ Eat Fresh” The great awakening live w/ Pete & Alice Garza.
Dear Preacher
Dear Preacher "Just be quiet!"
Dear Preacher. . "Just be quiet!" Is God really speaking through you or is it your wounds of offense that are seeping out of the lips. Join Revivalist Pete & Alice Garza with special Guest Pastor Robert Pena for this dynamic broadcast of The Great Awakening Live on Radio Air Jesus!
Are you a CHICKEN? Watch and share this great tool on Stepping in to your Prophetic destiny and crossing your chicken line. Join revivalist Pete & Alice Garza for The Great Awakening” W/ special guest Joe Garcia & Bella Garcia from Hamilton, Canada
" The Voice's In Your Head " God or Satan?
What are the voices in your head saying? Is the voice your hearing God or the devil? This will bring you great insight and breakthrough. The great awakening with Pete and Alice garza live on Radio Air Jesus.
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