"Things That Christians say"
Join Pete and Alice for another fun filled power packed program of The Great Awakening On Radio Air Jesus. Jump in as we share the top things Christians say. True or false you tell us.
Is Your Harvest Spoiled ?
Is Your Harvest Spoiled ?
Pete and Alice share on a sensitive topic facing those in ministry and on a recent encounter pertaining to the “spoiled Harvest” is your Harvest spoiled. Tune in and share share and share again. Grace ? Hyper Grace what’s the difference
Tune In Live!! "The Great Awakening" with Pete & Alice Garza title for the message today Movers, Shakers, & Shifters
"One Body With Too Many Voices" Are The Prophets Wrong?
Get ready and be sure to tune in. Today's topic. "One Body with too many Voices" are the prophets wrong? Is God Mad at us? Is America being Judged?
What's Coming Out Of Your Mouth?!?
What's Coming Out Of Your Mouth?!?
What's coming out of your mouth? Is your season your language? Watch this powerful broadcast as Alice Garza dives into the reality of the authority of what you speak.
The Keys Are In Your  Hands
The Keys Are In Your Hands
Join Pete & Alice Garza for another amazing broadcast of "The Great Awakening"LIVE on FB LIVE and Radio Air Jesus. Boy do we have a show for you today💥🔥🔥🔥 10 CST / 11 EST
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