Bob & Bonnie Jones Ministries

Pete and Alice Garza are a one of a kind ministry team. In fact the whole family is involved in the ministry. And I believe that’s the way God designed families to be. They are the new breed revivalists who stand on the word of God unafraid and unashamed to do the greater works Jesus said we would do.  Pete and Alice are radical for Jesus and taking the kingdom by storm.



Bonnie Jones

Fort Mill, SC



Global Fire Ministries

Peter Garza is an amazing revivalist that moves with great grace in the Glory of God. He moves with power in the Presence of God with tangible miracles and hearings following. If you are looking for breakthrough in the Glory of God in your church then I highly recommend to you the ministry of Pete & Alice Garza and his amazing team ... You will be truest blessed



Jeff Jansen

Global Fire Ministries International
Senior Leader Global Fire Church & Global Connect




Darren Canning Ministries

Pete Garza is one of those sons of thunders. He has a confidence in the prophetic that amazes me and has a heart of gold. I gladly recommend his ministry to you!



Darren Canning



Patria International Ministries

I am so excited to see what God is doing in the lives of Pete and Alice Garza.  Over the years, Radio Air Jesus has reached thousands of lives in hundreds of nations around the world and the heart behind that ministry has been the Garza’s.  Pete and Alice have a passion for revival and a heart founded on integrity.  These two will pour out all that they have to see the Kingdom advance and the power of God made manifest.  If you are blessed with the opportunity to have them at your church or ministry, be sure to take advantage of it. 


Micheal French

Patria Ministries, Inc.
4445 Crescent Road
Irondale, AL 35210

(205) 910-9276


Joni Ames, ACTS Ministries

I endorse very few people but I have no problem in doing so for Pete and Alice Garza. The ministry God has given to them is truly part of the great commission. They have awesome teaching and revelatory gifts that God utilizes through them as they minister, as well as hearts of unity to help others in the body of Christ rise into their position. They are an amazing couple who walks in and exemplifies the love and compassion of Jesus, and are in hot pursuit of Him. They are truly "doing the stuff" outlined in the Great Commission through the ministry of Radio Air Jesus & Media Revival T.V that God has called them to. I encourage you to get involved with them in whatever way The Lord would lead. They are a real blessing and God will bless you for doing so. Having stayed in their home several times, I can honestly say what you see is who they really are. With genuine servant hearts, their gift of hospitality and love radiates and warms everyone they come in contact with.

I highly recommend them to you and your group as true soldiers of the cross and genuine, trustworthy ministers and lovers of Jesus.

Joni Ames

Joni Ames Ministries
PO BOX 8200
Glendale, AZ 85312

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