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Doors Fling Wide!

God Opens Doors No Man Can Shut 
We have been having such a hard time with our ac in our vehicle. We took it to the shop for what seemed like the 1,000 time. They said it was the actuator door that it didn’t want to stay open. At that moment I said God what does that mean the door didn’t want to stay open to send in the cool air to my vehicle. So the guy comes in who was checking our car and says we are going to knock on it to see if the door opens back up. I sat there and said ok God so now this guy is talking my language and immediately thought of that scripture: 
Matthew 7:7
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  
I immediately started praying and in intercession I told myself this will not be a burden on me or my family. Minutes later the guy comes back in talks to my husband and says door is open the ac is working great. I wanted to shout and jump up because the guy says to my husband I guess that Angel you have with you 
Opened the door. As I was driving away I began to thank the Lord for what he did. 
I Heard the Lord say “Doors are flinging open !!!!” with such boldness in his tone. I am flinging those doors open !!!! They are opening today!!! Not tomorrow or yesterday but now!!!
Revelations 3:8 
I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.
This past month we have been so pressed in every way but we didn’t give up the more the enemy pressed the more we prayed. In the pressing like a olive gets pressed the more the oils come out of it so it is with us. 
Some of you are being so pressed right now. You can’t give up you have to keep moving forward don’t stop doing the things you know in your heart God has called you to do. In the pressing sometimes the junk comes up but it comes up to come out to look more like Christ. 
I was reminded today of a time I wanted to give up I had been so busy doing ministry things and I was so tired. I remember it was in the middle of a conference. I remember waking up saying to my husband I just don’t want to go today. Being in leadership we had to be present. I went to service that morning I was the only one in the hallway sitting waiting to greet the people that arrived when I felt overwhelmed and wanted to just leave and stop everything. Not just everything at that moment but ministry all together. I remember telling the Lord I need you to show up today not tomorrow but now or I am going to completely give up and walk away from everything. The next minute everything went silent in the room I could no longer hear the worship team playing on the other side of the door. Time completely stopped in the natural.  I felt this fear come upon all over my body I could not move. Then all of a sudden the double doors of the church flung open and I saw this wind come in and then this Angel appeared. He was wearing this old leather attire on his body like an old warrior and had a sash across the front of his chest and he had arrows in the sash. His hair was curly and his skin so beautiful and perfect. I heard the I am here now you cannot give up. What seemed like hours was only seconds. 
Our friend Paul Keith Davis has this book called Angels that Gather in it he talks about how he was going through a troubled time and Bob Jones had advised him that “ The Tares of your soul are blossoming; the Lord is sending the Angels that gather them and remove them by the roots to be burned.” The book goes on to say 
The Lord was causing the base nature to begin to blossom so he would call upon his mercy and Grace for their removal. 
I believe this is the time we are in NOW !!! With allowing the Lord to tare our soul 
This is the pressing we have been feeling. Be encouraged we are not alone the Angels that gather are here!!! 
As one of our friends said one time said “Grace for your Destiny” be upon you!!!
Alice Garza
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