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Blind eye Opened!

Metal Dissolves Miracle

The Apostolic House

You're Not a Failure



God is really doing a work in His bride and for some us this can be a difficult thing. Its almost like you know what is right and you can hear everyone around you giving you Godly advise  and you know it to be truth but for some reason you have a hard time walking in it. Now you will find those people who will act as if they are the most perfect person and in reality they are just living a lie. Don't look at your surroundings and your circumstance because it will continue to bring you down. You see the enemy would love to tell you that you are a failure and you can't do anything right; but know this YOU are not a failure, you are a son and daughter of the MOST HIGH.

You are called to raise the dead, heal the sick and cast out demons, and greater power do you have inside of you than any demon in this world.  Something i say to my family all the time when something happens or goes wrong " it's ok Let's just fix it" pretty simple but yet very effective. God is not an angry God who is waiting for you to fail or fall he is a God of everlasting Love and will be there every moment of your life. Choose this day victory over defeat because and walk with your head up and know that you have purpose and destiny just declare it over yourself and watch God move in your life.

Pete Garza

Run With Revival

Revivalist Pete & Alice Garza

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